The world-awarded taste of our Kampot pepper

Kampot province in Cambodia is renowned for producing the world's finest pepper, a designation that aligns with its PGI status. What factors influence the quality and flavor of Kampot pepper?

The perfect combination of climate and soil in Cambodia

Exceptional quality confirmed by the Protected Designation of Origin





No matter what color you are seeing, it's always the same peppercorn at different stages of maturity. For example, black pepper is harvested as an unripe green after the sprig, but red pepper is harvested only after reaching full maturity.

Conventional pepper undergoes a lengthy journey through various dealers, enduring months of unfavorable conditions as it travels across the globe, without the protection of vacuum sealing. The result? A lackluster, tasteless product. In contrast, our process involves vacuum-sealing Kampot pepper immediately after harvesting, in collaboration with local farmers, using high-quality machinery. We then transport it to Europe and pack it just before sale. This ensures that you have the freshest pepper, straight from the plantation, in your hands.

We strictly follow the Book of Specifications - the official document that declares which Kampot peppercorn can leave Cambodia. Farmers traditionally pick pepper by hand and with tweezers, so it arrives to Europe in approx. 99.6% purity. Here we check it again on a top-of-the-line Bühler Sortex optical machine, which captures the last blades of grass and cleans the pepper to 100%. We do not know of another company that has such a precise multiple control.

From us, you'll receive only peppercorns approximately 4 mm in size. They're incredibly firm, bursting with flavor, boasting a rich color, and exuding a delightful aroma. Grown in the unique climate and fertile soil of southern Cambodia, Kampot pepper benefits from naturally abundant nutrients. Its exceptional quality extends to health benefits; thanks to its piperine content, it aids metabolism, enhances mucous membrane circulation, aids detoxification, relieves pain, improves respiration, and even carries aphrodisiac properties. Furthermore, our precision in quality ensures our pepper is gluten-free.


The color of the pepper is influenced by the stage of maturity during harvesting and the process of its subsequent processing.


    It is an unripe green pepper that is picked at the beginning of the year and turns black after drying in the sun. Black pepper from Kampot surprises not only with its deliciously intense taste, but also with unexpected undertones of camphor, complemented by mint, thyme and eucalyptus. Sun-dried black peppercorns are an ideal addition to dark meat and steaks, they go well with sauces and, thanks to the hint of citrus after crushing, they are a great addition to Italian pasta.


    The extended maturation process yields sweet Kampot pepper, rich in fructose, which transforms in the mouth, offering notes of wild berries, apples, roses, and rose hips. This delightful variety is the king of vegetarian cuisine, elevating salads, fish, seafood, desserts, Christmas baking, and cocktails. It also pairs beautifully with grilled game, vegetable soups, risottos, and more. For those seeking an exceptionally sweet version, we offer an exclusive selection of the ripest peppercorns, available as dark red Kampot pepper. Note: This is distinct from the pink Brazilian pepper plant, which is not true pepper.


    The Champagne of pepper, unlike any white pepper you've experienced before, distinguishes itself form common pepper by the way in which it is processed. True white pepper is peeled exclusively from ripe red peppercorns, enhancing its unique properties. Typical store-bought white peppercorns are peeled from unripe black peppercorns and go rancid. This exquisite spice elevates taste profiles, making it a favorite among renowned chefs worldwide. Perfect for grilling dark meats, enhancing cheese, and pairing with wine and tapas, it also works wonders in various dishes from soups to pasta and Asian cuisine.



    We developed a one-of-a-kind delicacy - freeze-dried fresh green salted Kampot pepper. A special freeze-drying process preserves the maximum possible taste and quality of fresh green pepper. When combined with liquid or oil, the peppercorn reabsorbs moisture and tastes fresh. Perfect for steaks, sauces, pasta, but also for baking and making desserts.


    A rare edition - fermented fresh pepper with fleur de sel - prepared for us by the family of the KPPA president from a selection of the best peppercorns. Soft, gentle, fresh and less hot, green pepper stands out with its unique aroma and is suitable for meat, sauces, pesto and for sprinkling on any dish as a finishing touch!


    Fresh green Kampot pepper in brine. A juicy peppercorn that creates a pepper explosion in your mouth! Together with freeze-dried pepper, this is a very intense variant of fresh pepper, which is suitable for sauces, meat, salads, omelets, pasta, soups, cheeses or anything you love with fresh pepper! Do not put fresh pepper in a grinder, use whole or crushed in a mortar.